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Changes in Today’s Marketplace – #2

This is the second in a series of what has changed in customer perceptions and resultant buying behaviors.

Change #2 – Buyers Want a Promise of Outcome, Not a Selling Proposition

Customers today no longer accept nor respond to the old-school Unique Sales Proposition (USP) as a reason to inquire and purchase.  Rather buyers today want a clear consumer-centric promise of the outcome they will receive by inquiring and doing business with you.  A promise that is solely in their words and from their perspective.  Clearly defined, they want and demand a Unique Value Promise – a UVP.  Consumers know the difference between a promise and a proposition. A Unique Value Promise does exactly what the words say – it creates a unique promise of value for the consumer.

A Unique Value Promise that is completely consumer-centric not only compels consumers to inquire, it makes your business distinct in your markets.

It strategically positions your business, your products, and your organization separate from all others. You switch the focus from being marginally “different” to being distinctly “unique.” First, you are truly communicating from the buyer’s perspective unlike your competitors. Second, your promise is authentic to you and what you ultimately become known for.

Third, a clear, uncompromising authentic, promise of value places your business or organization in the buyer’s lexicon. They love to tell the story of what they accomplished in their life or business through your business. How they found you, what you did for them and what was their end result. People like to talk about how they protected their family, got their house redecorated, or where they went to purchase a new car. Their positive word of mouth moves others into your pipeline. That, combined with the relentless promotion AND consistent organizational delivery of your authentic Unique Value Promise, your company, and its products or services, are set apart from all others.

Addressing up front what consumers want to actually experience or accomplish at a high level with a Unique Value Promise instinctively compels customers to respond.  Further, a Unique Value Promise gives people a psychological sense of meaning and significance. They believe you know them and know what they really want and most importantly why! Consequently, it makes them feel as though you are on their side of the purchase and thus their business belongs with you!

In today’s marketplace a brand and its attendant promise is not just an issue of clarifying your image, it is also an issue of solidifying your identity.  Continuing to use the Unique Selling Proposition approach in a promise-driven marketplace is the antithesis of what buyers want today.

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