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Here Is An Important Heads Up!

As of March 31st we are at the end of the first quarter. This means 88 days of 2016 have gone by of which 24 were weekends, 4 were public holidays and 60 were M-F workdays.

It is time to calculate exactly where you are based upon your efforts so far in 2016.

Use this formula

List your 2016 revenue YTD $_______Divide it by 60 and that = $_______. This is your current daily revenue YTD.

Multiply your current daily revenue amount $_______ times the 191 work days remaining and that = $______. Then add in your revenue YTD and this number ______ is your annual revenue projection based upon your current efforts.

Heads Up – It doesn’t matter if your business is about daily revenue or not, you are either on track for 2016 goals or you aren’t. If you are on track and have momentum, don’t lose it! And if you don’t have momentum, lose no time in getting it!

Whether you’re on track or not, NOW is the time to assess what is working and what isn’t.

Let’s do five questions to give you a clear picture of your efforts.

  • Are you spending 3-4 hours each week marketing/prospecting or 16-18 hours? (The average producer spends 3-4 hours, top performers invest 16-18)
  • Are you proactively focused on bringing in new clients?
  • Are you consistently cross-selling existing clients?
  • Are you practicing self-discipline or self-indulgence, i.e.: creative avoidance?
  • Are you really putting in enough effort to get to where you want to be, or just enough to justify where you are now?

We both know real success is hard work. It is NOT about being in the right place at the right time or hoping things will improve. It IS about working the plan, having a process and exerting self-discipline versus self-indulgence. Or as Mae West famously said, “An Ounce of Performance is Worth Pounds of Promises.” Run the numbers, answer the questions and go all in to achieve your 2016 goals!

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