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Use These VIRTUAL Events to Stay Connected to Clients and Prospects!

The coronavirus has given you a great opportunity during this time of “social distancing” to bring fun, comfort and mental ease to your clients and to prospects as well.

Using Skype which is easy for nearly everyone to use, set up and announce the virtual events listed below.

Note: Keep them 30 minutes in length.

If you wish , divide your clients/prospects up into groups of 20-30 households and repeat events so all can participate.

Send step-by-step instructions in each invite on how to load Skype and join.

Be sure to tell your clients to send the Skype link to their friends, family and colleagues so they can join.

  • Set Up a Laff -a- Lott . Call a local comedian group and have 4-5 of them tell clean jokes for a half hour from their location(s).
  • Set up a Tell us What is Hot on Netflix in Your House Right Now- that we should be sure to see.
  • Set up a virtual In Three Minutes -Share Your Best Easy Recipe of Things You Already Have in House .
  • Have a virtual Book Club Skype - What Are You Reading Now That is Fantastical!?
  • Ask a magician or three to virtually entertain the kids for 20 minutes so the adults at home get a break.
  • Ask a Professional Chef to do a Cool Virtual Cooking Class on an Easy Entre or Two.
  • Have a Share the Cool Things You’ve Done to Stay Entertained While You Are Housebound.
  • Have a Learn and Share Tips to Make Working at Home with the Kids, the Dog and the Cat.
  • Reach out to the local chapter of the National Speakers Assn and ask for speakers to virtually Bring Messages about Relieving Stress or Working from Home
  • Set up Story Time for the Kids a couple of days a week. Contact your local Story Tellers group or the local chapter of National Speakers Assn and have them recommend speakers who are story tellers for children.
  • Partner with the Association or Group that supports your Vertical Market and offer to host a virtual member update on How They Are Coping, every week.
  • Have a virtual What is the First Thing Your Going to Do When This is Over Party -Costumes welcomed.
  • Hold a Share-A-Thon- How are You Keeping the Kids and You Entertained?
  • And this from my dear friend and client, Tom Freeman, which took this past my Bakers Dozen-Host a Virtual Happy Hour -invite people to describe what they are drinking and Why.

Now is the time to put your people skills on display and shift into “make it happen” mode. It doesn’t have to be perfectly produced to be worthwhile. If people have to Face- Time in because they can’t figure out how to Skype so what- Hold your phone in front of your computer so all can enjoy! Remember, relationships drive revenue . Be there for them. They need you now more than ever.

The next big thing after this crisis will be a new client acquisition war- don’t make your clients a target!           Stay connected, stay safe and be well. Warm regards,

Richard Weylman - Elevating Your Business and Marketing Performance This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.