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What are you doing for your clients right now?

  • Personal communication is absolutely critical. We have talked with several advisors with the mindset that “my clients are fine, only a few have called me, and besides I have emailed them.” Those of you that believe that “no news is good news” have enormous risk. Proactive and personal communication give clients peace of mind and strengthen relationships. At a minimum, call your top 50 clients starting today.
  • Ask your clients, “What questions do you have?” Don’t assume you know what they are thinking. Conversations during periods of volatility are about your people skills. People are afraid of what they don’t know; be a good listener.
  • Reassure your clients that you are doing everything possible to keep them on track towards their financial objectives. They really want to know if it is going to affect their current or retirement lifestyle. To summarize, people want to know, “Am I okay?” Don’t give them blanket answers. Personalize and humanize every discussion.

Keep your chin up. We will get through this crisis.

Be safe and stay well. We are here for you.

Warmest regards,