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Tom Klose Joins Weylman Consulting Group

C.Richard Weylman, Chairman and Managing Director of Weylman Consulting Group is pleased to announce that Tom Klose has joined the firm as a Director of Corporate Relationships, Insurance & Advisory. According to Weylman “Mr. Klose will be actively engaged in the ongoing support of the many financial services companies who have licensed access to our online advisor marketing and manager recruiting platform, The Weylman Center for Excellence in Practice Management™. Mr. Klose has been a long time client of our firm and we are delighted to have someone with his deep field and executive experience join our team.”

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The Upcoming Potential Momentum Killer

Summer time has finally arrived for most of us. The kids are or are about to be out of school, the golf course is open, the boat’s in the water, even the tennis courts beckon. As challenging as this year has been for many, everyone needs a break. However, too often summertime opportunities become so tempting business momentum suffers. It is easy to find ways to spend our time out of the office. After all, prospects & clients are away on extended vacations so why shouldn’t you be as well?

However, keep in mind how you approach summertime always has consequences. If you practice “creative avoidance” and find every “good” excuse to be away from the business frequently there are consequences. On the other hand, the efforts you could put forth in the summer – such as planning marketing activities, cleaning up databases, researching prospects and getting in front of new people – pay large dividends. No matter which path you choose it will determine how your fall quarter goes. Don’t get me wrong; to recharge and refocus on a real summer vacation is ideal and necessary. But be careful that self-indulgence does not replace self-discipline. Here is a way to see the difference.

This is Self-Indulgence This is Self-Discipline

1) We think about how we feel (I deserve it) or We think about the consequences of creative avoidance

2) We decide to take more time away or We strike a balance and maintain business momentum

3) We postpone the consequences until later or We feel great because we did the right thing

Ultimately the choice of course is yours. But remember if you have momentum this year don’t lose it, but if you don’t have momentum, lose no time in getting it.

C.Richard Weylman is an inductee into the Speakers Hall of Fame, chairman and Managing Director of Weylman Consulting Group, CEO & CDO of The Weylman Center for Excellence in Practice Management, and a multiple best -selling author.

To elevate your business performance this summer contact Teri Kotlarski, VP of Marketing at 800.535.4332 or internationally at 941.828.3600 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Marketing to Women Effectively and Successfully

I am excited to be hosting Insider Secrets for Marketing to Affluent Women on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at 2:00pm Eastern (1:00pm CDT, Noon MDT, 11:00am PDT). Click here to register for free. Presented by Annette Bau, CFP®, Author: 101 Insider Secrets for Marketing to Affluent Women, How to Get Your Share of this $20 Trillion Market The opportunities available to an advisor for marketing, retaining and growing their book of women and couples are larger than any we have seen in years. The Newsweek article title summed it up: “Women are Poised to Become the Biggest Economic Engine The World Has Ever Known.” “Due to a narrowing wage gap and rising female employment, the vast majority of new income growth will go to women,” the article claimed. In addition they shared that females control over $12 trillion, or 65.4% of annual spending in the United States. Other experts believe that number could exceed $40 trillion! The Boston Consulting Group study asserted that “female economic growth represents the biggest emerging market in the history of the planet — more than twice the size of the two hottest developing markets, India and China, combined.” The CEO of Avon who was also quoted in Newsweek shared that “Any company that overlooks the woman as the decision maker is making a huge mistake.” Click here to learn more, attend our upcoming webinar and to register. Just how big is the opportunity? Some of the best statistics include:
  • Women control 51% of all private wealth in the U.S.1 and make over 80% of buying decisions.
  • Women constitute 47% of the North American affluent market with assets above $500,000.2 According to the IRS, roughly 39% of the wealthiest investors — those with assets of at least $625,000 — are women. In this group, there are over one million women with a net worth of at least $1 million. Do the math: If you simply convert one-one hundredth of a percent of this market as clients, you’ll capture more than $100 million in client net worth.
  • Women-owned companies with 500 or more employees have grown by over 100% from 1997 to 2002.
1 Source: Federal Reserve cited in PBS Online, To The Contrary, Hot Topics Women & Philanthropy. 2 Source: World Health Report 2002, Merrill Lynch/Cap Gemini, Ernst & Young. Advisors and agents who want to survive and thrive can’t afford to ignore or underestimate single or married. While it is guestimated in the financial services that 70% of women replace their financial advisor when their spouse dies. While that is staggering, some firms are losing 98% of their clients (mostly female) when the first spouse dies. To learn more on how to retain and increase your women clients access training options here. We look forward to seeing you on the webinar!