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Rock Solid Tactics to Make Your 2016 Growth Plan Successful

Sales Management Magazine recently published a study that indicates the average sales and marketing professional spends approximately 80% of their time on trivia. Activities defined as trivia include managing paperwork, spending time on the computer, focusing on the minutiae and mundane and not investing in the activities and services necessary to reach out into the marketplace and spend more time with prospects and clients/customers.

In order to get off to a fast start as a leader or advisor at this the beginning of 2016 and be more effective, ask yourself, knowing what you know now, what you would have done differently in 2015? Be honest with yourself and then…

Use these rock solid tactics to make 2016 year you’re most effective year yet:

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Christmas – Victim or Victorious?

The boy stood along the fence and looked at the brightly lit tree, which sat invitingly in the front window of the neighbor’s house. In just a few days, it would be Christmas…a time when this family would gather at the tree and lose themselves in a mountain of paper and packages.

Slowly he walked back to the corner of the driveway of the foster home where he lived and slid into the back seat of the gray Chevrolet. The man driving took him on a long, dark road to a small house in the country and pulled in the drive. He knocked and a middle-aged couple opened the door against the winter night and urged the boy inside. As an orphan, the boy was used to being left with strangers in strange houses and moved wordlessly through the door. The man who had brought him said to the boy, “We’re going to Myrtle Beach for Christmas, and we’re just taking our real kids so you stay here with these people until we get back in about ten days.” The door closed and the young boy was sent to his room in the basement. Christmas came and went.

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Deborah J. Nelson Joins Weylman Consulting Group

Deborah J. NelsonC. Richard Weylman, Chairman and Managing Director of Weylman Consulting Group, is pleased to announce that Deborah (Deb) Nelson has joined the firm as an adjunct Director of Consulting and Marketing Partner. According to Weylman, “Ms. Nelson will be actively engaged in our numerous consulting projects, and having completed our certification process, will also be a designated lead coach for those individuals and organizations that we assist with elevating their business performance in today’s marketplace. Ms. Nelson has been a long-time strategic partner with our firm; and we are delighted to have someone with her deep field experience & abilities join our team.”

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Press Release: New RWI Home Page

Richard Weylman Inc. launches all new website at www.RichardWeylman.com.

Punta Gorda, FL — Monday, December 1, 2014 —

To provide individuals in leadership roles with the information they need to engage Richard for a custom crafted presentation, the Weylman team announces an all new website at www.RichardWeylman.com. The site not only provides video highlights of the talents of this main platform presenter and two time best-selling author, it also hosts direct links to current topics and significant “after the presentation” resources. Check out www.RichardWeylman.com today.

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Annette Bau Joins Weylman Consulting Group

C.Richard Weylman, Chairman and Managing Director of Weylman Consulting Group is pleased to announce that Annette Bau has joined the firm as an Associate Director of Consulting – Women’s Market. According to Weylman “Ms. Bau will be actively engaged in our numerous consulting projects and as an accomplished author and advisor she will partner with the firm to develop additional educational materials and presentations on how to recruit, market, and sell to women. Ms. Bau has been a longtime friend and advocate for our firm and we are delighted to have someone with her deep experience and abilities join our team.”

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