Elevating business and marketing performance including branding, the client experience,
increasing profitable growth and expanding the footprint of the enterprise.


With their collaborative approach and clarity of thought, Richard and his experienced team of consultants bring fresh solutions to your specific, and often unique-to-you, issues. An example of recent assignments includes:

  • Clarified and crafted a company’s Unique Value Promise to reposition them distinctly in their markets.
  • Identified key market segments for a national firm and all local offices.
  • Produced a full suite of online educational courses to support a national retraining initiative.
  • Developed a recruiting program that brought entrepreneurial-minded individuals into a growth-driven culture.
  • Conducted a 3 day marketing retreat, followed by 6 months of personal execution coaching for 20+ entrepreneurs.

On every assignment, Richard and his team will employ clear communication, fresh thinking, actual guidance and full execution support. When Richard accepts assignments he expects only one thing, success for the client.