Elevating business and marketing performance including branding, the client experience,
increasing profitable growth and expanding the footprint of the enterprise.


Personalized Coaching to Execute the Right Practices needed to Elevate Business Performance

We can assist with many issues such as:

  • Achieving organizational buy-in to new initiatives;
  • Leading individuals to accept needed changes to elevate their business performance;
  • Improve leadership and coaching skills to deliver desired results;
  • Communicate right practices effectively for ongoing success; and
  • Creating essential and rewarding accountability protocols that move people forward.

Be assured that we will walk step-by-step with you and your team through the execution of appropriate and effective solutions with one objective in mind; To solve your specific issues and deliver desired outcomes.

Coaching Plans are usually a minimum of six (6) months to a maximum of twelve (12) months in length and are extremely high touch.

Our Coaching Plans are affordable and commensurate with the term required to solve your issues successfully.

To provide you with further insight, a “typical” custom designed plan has the following components:

    1. We begin the process with a one hour discovery call with you, Richard and one of his certified coaches.
    2. Once the decision is made to work together, we then will send you and any other participating members of your team a pre-coaching questionnaire to identify specific issues.
    3. Upon receipt of the completed pre-coaching questionnaires, we schedule a 1-hour strategycall with you, your participating team members, Richard and your certified coach. This strategy call will clarify root causes of issues and identify specific solutions.
    4. After this initial strategy call, a joint decision will be made to either:
      1. Have Richard Weylman and/or your personal coach interface with you at least twice monthly for your coaching term.

~ OR ~

    1. Begin the Coaching process with a one and ½ day cloistered retreat with you and your team. This level sets all participants and enables us to engage with your organization on all the branding, positional and promotional issues that ultimately when solved, will execute brilliantly We look forward to elevating your business performance and remember what Thomas Edison said: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Contact Richard to elevate your business performance.

What are others saying about Richard’s Coaching Programs?

“Richard Weylman’s materials have helped our company move from good to great. Richard is a wonderful teacher and coach.”
–August Cenname, Senior Vice President of Financial Company

“The presentation at the retreat was a life changing event for me personally and a game changing event for our team. I.E. To create a distinct culture, live out our brand and create and focus on that portfolio of memories.”
–Nick Trojano, Treasury Partners, NYC, NY

“Richard, Thank You for teaching us how to elevate our business.”
–Nate Armstrong, The Armstrong Group

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